John Holmes, CPA,CMA - Geller & Company - Terry was brought in to address some fundamental issues we had with a complex internal billing problem. He quickly identified and documented the issues, developed design options and guided us through a incredible complex billing arrangement.

John Perugini - Enterprise Sales Manager - Terry and I have known each other for over 5 years, as my customer and  I gained a huge amount of respect for his professionalism, business acumen and practical approach to solution delivery and problem solving.

Stan Hartstein - COO - FABRIQUE Ltd. 
 - Terry is a results oriented leader that keenly focuses on the achievement of his objectives. He is always knowledgeable and well prepared for the task at hand and remains completely engaged until the desired results are achieved. I relied heavily on Terry and was never disappointed.

Vinay Loganadan - Organizational Change & Project Management
- I  found  him to be resourceful and dynamic individual with a wealth of knowledge in several different areas. Terry is a result-oriented leader with excellent people skills and a deep knowledge of financial processes and accounting tools. His ability to navigate complex issues and resolve problems quickly sets him apart from most. Terry is definitely someone you want on your team.

Edward Vokolek - Plant Controller
  - Terry was a tremendous support to us at HITCO in our implementation of SAP. He comes from a strong finance background, but he also has a solid grounding in the all the different functional areas, as well as excellent project management and communication skills. Terry was the one to confront us with the unpleasant truths that sometimes that we didn't want to address, but could potentially derail the overall project. This is an invaluable contribution from a consultant.

Mark Hartig  - Controller at Unifor Brass Forgings - Terry was brought in to review our technology needs, he reviewed our operations and made recommendation on process automation, directed us to create process flows for our business and reviewed, reduce and managed two vendors for a demonstration bake-off. This enabled the vendors to provide a meaningful demo, answer our business questions and changed our minds on who could deliver the required update to our infrastructure and automation needs.


Al Wynant -CEO EventInterface - Terry brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. I especially like his ability to cut through the jumble of information, see the big picture and succinctly present a strategy to the business owner. Terry also has a knack to analyze and discuss processes in a direct and clear way. He helps you dial into the things that matter to the business, stakeholders and customers and build successful strategies around them.

Danna Evans - CEO AZ Vision & Hearing 
- He could explain financials and projections in a way that made sense for my business and goals! Terry has that wonderful combination of being very good at what he does and able to communicate and teach it in a way that is easy to learn. Meeting with him is the best thing I have done for my business.​

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